Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back in South Africa. I eventually are back on the net and can eventually update our blog. I am sorry I only got to it now. In South Africa internet is not so widely available, it is still very expensive. Please go to our photos tab for new photos.

We have completed our two years in the UK and is back in South Africa. We went through some culture shock again but is back into the heap of things. We are busy in our church with 40 days purpose driven live, prayer groups on Tuesdays, youth group on Wednesday and in between we go to cell groups and churches.

We had the service on Sunday in our sending church and it all went so well. We used some techniques that we did in our training and it works. We even did a table with all leaflets of NTM and we got quite a lot of interest.

The NTM summit group went to Mozambique and stopped over in South Africa where we took them to a SA restaurant and also a flea market.

We have been given a car to use while in SA and a church gave us a house to stay in. God has been so good to us and still is every day. Please see our prayer points in our prayer tab. We would love to leave for the Philippines in November but still need more finances but we trust that the Lord will provide and we will go on His timing.

That is it for now, we have more access to the internet and will post more in the future. Our love to all of you and please remember: To His love there is no end, HE IS LOVE!!!