Monday, November 13, 2006

It is quite a sad day for us today as Vina's dad are being burried today. We trust however that he is with the Lord. We find Him comforting today as he says in Scripture we must always be joyful and serve Him with gladness and even though it is hard, it is not impossible so we choose to do that.
We are busy with medical training as well as phonetics. The phonetics is quite easy but we (sfrikaans speakers) struggle with the different i sounds. Our vowels are differently pronounced as the phonetics pronounce them.
The medical is not hard as I think in SA we have quite a lot of medical knowledge as we deal a bit more with medical issues than in the rest of Europe. The reason for that I think is that the average houselhold has so much more to do with medical as we are open to so much more illnesses than in the rest of Europe and I thnik one of the reasons for that is our weather.
We find the course so interesting and enjoy every second of it.

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