Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Answer this question and test your knowledge of travel. This will also help you when you come and visit us in the Philippines what needs to be done before you leave..... Here it is......

We were at a place in South Africa today (2 January 08) to collect something that we need before we leave for the Philippines (this is a hint). Can you guess where we were? I took a photo and will post the photo under our photo link in a week's time.

If you would like to take part in this question and think you know the answer, then input your answer on the comments link under this post. If you are not registered and would not like to register, just send me an e-mail with your answer.

If you are close to us, you might even win a price.....

All the best and hope you get it right.

You might ask why this question...... This will help us if you answer the question. We might have forgotten something to do and you might just remind us of something we have forgotten by the answer you give. Please help us to remember all that needs to be done. Please dont forget to add your name as well.

Regards and love because of Him


andy mcrae said...

perhaps it was your passports or even your last inoculations or even the plane tickets but it could have been the prayers of the saints which will be answered for the work you are to do for Him.
With much love and prayers
Andy McRae, Jan and Sarah

Anonymous said...

I assume you already have your passports since you have been in the UK for a couple of years. Maybe it is renewal of your passports? Can't think of a document that you need with a picture for traveling or entering the Philippines. Maybe a new Prayer Card?
Looking forward to seeing you in Manila.

Ineke Haaring said...

Hi Philip and Vina.

You need to bring enough thin clothes that fit the culture and the climate.

Maybe you packed plastic rain coates/clothing and boots for the raining season but it might be much too warm te use them. In these situations you might be much happier with waterproof backpacks to keep your things dry rather than yourselves.

I don't know if you can buy this at the place where you are going but in certain situations you would like to have a little bottle with hand desinfectance.

And last but not least. Don't fotget to bring 'all' the childrenssongs in your own language.

Wish you a very blessed arrival in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Did you get shots at the doctor or sun lotion, your favorite food (the kids favorite candy), pictures of your loved once that you leave behind, books and magaznes for you as well as your children in your heart language (snce you are not gonna be able to get those for while...), or Vina, maybe some cosmetics that you are not gonna get there but like to use...
Love you guys, Anne

lotto said...

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