Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another holiday done and dusted

Another break finnished. It was a well waited break after al the studies and assignments and tests that came to an end. We started the last two tearms before the end of our first year in the UK. We do miss SA and all our family and friends adn definately the warm weather. Patience, patience, patience is definately one of the areas the Lord is working with me at the moment. I do have a lot more and know that He can even equip me with lots more as when He prunes and gives afterwards, it is always in abundance. We are doing well with teh studies even if we did not study for so many years and now all of a sudden was thrown into the deep end and had to swim. With the Lord behind us, all things are possible and it is just another thing out of the many that He proves He is Righteouss and deliver His promisses.

Love to all of you and especially to those that support us in all areas even sending us an e-mail every now and then, please dont stop sending them. Here is our e-mail address again... en

In Him
Le Roux's

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