Thursday, April 13, 2006

A wonderfull day out

We are so fortunate to have met South African friends in the UK. Charmaine and Berto immigrated to the UK four years ago and is helping us a lot to find our feet in this different country. Different in a few ways as we are different to the Brittish. Charmaine invieted us to a place called Rand Farm Park. It is as the name says, an animal farm. This was the best day the kids enjoyed since we arrived in the UK. Charmane have 2 kids and the oldest is almost Valerie-Anne's age. They play nicely together and enjoyed the day out. Valerie-Anne was so brave as she fed even the big horse. It costed a lot of guts and she did not want to know anything but as kids usually do, they sort out fears on their own. With Charmaines daughter with Valerie-Anne, she had enough guts to feed the big horse and then it was all home runs. She could not stop feeding the animals. Angelique and Philip enjoyed holding the rabbits until the one scratched Angelique and before I knew it, the rabbit was on the floor (photo on our photo page).

We are really thankful for the friends we found in Berto and his wife and the much more braais we are going to have together. They were so kind as to offer their house for us to stay in over December when they go to the promissed land South Africa.

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